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What kind of jazz are we playing? We call it classical jazz, and our main inspiration was,
still is - and probably always will be Louis Armstrong. But still we do of course love a lot of the other American jazz giants too. None of the boys in the band works as professional musicians, which means that we all have good jobs in order to live good lives. In other words:
We don't play to live - we live to play.
Where do we play?
We play everywhere. We have performed in England, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Holland, Switzerland, France you name it....
Of course we have played all over Denmark: From the Queens Castle to the smallest club on Bornholm. When the Danish Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik got married in 1967, the band was playing at the dance on the night before the wedding at the French Embassy in Copenhagen.
The Royal Family must have liked the music, because 13 years later the band was asked to play for Her Majesty at her 40 years birthday, at the dance at Fredensborg Castle north of Copenhagen.
Through the years the band has also been accompanying a long row of famous jazz soloists. We have had a wonderful time, playing our music at festivals, concerts, shows and other events, not only in Denmark but around the world. - And we still enjoy it - after all these years.
Over the years the band has recorded a row of LPs and CDs for danish record-companies.
We do hope that you'll enjoy our music. We wouldn't be surprised if it makes you want to dance.
We are looking forward to keep playing our happy music for our, faithful and loyal audience.

Booking: Theis Jensen, Løvenborg Allé 11, 4420 Regstrup, Denmark
Phone: (+45) 59 47 15 55, Mail:

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